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Garage Door Maintenance

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There are so many different ways a garage door can break, and when it happens it’s not only inconvenient but also leaves your home unsecure. Make sure you call us before your door breaks or malfunctions! Read on to learn how to keep the gears working smoothly with our simple and affordable maintenance services.

What Kind of Maintenance Do You Need?

Your garage door is not simply another door to your house: it’s made up of an intricate collection of mechanical parts and sensors that all collaborate seamlessly. That’s why when you click on the remote, it opens and closes securely like magic. But all those little bits and bobs require regular maintenance and that’s where our professional technicians come into the picture.

We are the number one garage door specialists in Winter Springs and we have all the latest professional service equipment to make sure your door works smoothly, securely and doesn’t attract unwanted visitors into your home.  Our maintenance services include:

Door Balance Checks

When you click on the remote it forces the door open, but often you will hear creaks and groans that could indicate the door is off balance. If this happens, it places pressure on the gears and chains and could easily break them if it’s not serviced in time by trained technicians.

Reverse and Force Mechanism Checks

These checks make sure your door’s photo sensors and reverse function work properly. Your garage door is heavy, especially considering the torsion and extension springs, and the force mechanism is a safety requirement that prevents the door from crushing anyone caught underneath. These functions are, thankfully, rarely used, but that means they can break down without our noticing. For your safety, these should be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Door Mechanisms and Hardware Checks

When our technicians arrive, they will ensure all the tracks, chain links, turnbuckle and even the hinges are in tip-top condition. We will also check the tension and make sure all the parts are tight, secure, in good condition and well lubricated. As the old saying goes, it only takes one weak link to break a chain.

Replacing All Parts

Our service technicians will also check the batteries, the sensors, the lights and can even make sure your remote is in good condition. If any of these parts need tuning or replacement, we can do it on the spot! Call our professional team today and discover how easy and affordable garage door maintenance can be!

But wait, there's more! We also offer:

Garage Door Tune Up Services

Opener Sensor Repair & Replacement

Oil Tempered Torsion Springs

Overhead Door Repair & Installation


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